Course Summary

  • Enrolment fee is just $35.00
  • Course covers General Food Safety Training
  • Specific content provided for Aged Care Home food handlers
  • Course level is set at intermediate/advanced level
  • There is no time limit on the quizzes and you make as many attempts as you need to pass
  • Now you could complete this course in under 3 hours but unless your a ‘super-hero’ you will find you learn more by taking your time
  • Once you have passed you will be able to access your training certificate from ‘My Training – Sign In/Out

This course has been created by me specifically for those who prepare and/or serve food to vulnerable people.

Typically this will include residential care homes where residents include those who are immune compromised, have chronic/debilitating illnesses or are otherwise frail.

The content of the course is based on the template Food Control Plan provided by MPI

In addition there are topics taken from the replaced 2017 template Food Control Plan that are specific to ‘Catering for Vulnerable People’ (Note that as February 2024 the 2017 template will be replaced by the Simply Safe and Suitable template FCP

Importantly, there is a lesson on Listeria and its management plus other significant food-borne illnesses and how to prevent them.  I have focused on bugs that are particularly serious for vulnerable people however any infection or food-borne illness can pose a real risk to vulnerable groups.

Whether you are operating under the Simply Safe and Suitable template FCP, or using an industry provided template FCP or even a custom FCP I would commend this training for all your food worker staff to help provide with sound and appropriate knowledge about food safety.

Download PDF Course Syllabus

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