Course Summary

  • Enrolment fee is just $40.00
  • Course covers General Food Safety Training plus additional subjects
  • Specific content includes the latest template FCP from MPI
  • Course level is set at intermediate/advanced level
  • There is no time limit on the quizzes and you make as many attempts as you need to pass
  • Now you could complete this course in under one day but unless your a ‘super-hero’ you will find you learn more by taking your time
  • Once you have passed you will be able to access your training certificate from ‘My Training – Sign In/Out

This is a video based course that covers the required food safety training listed in the MPI’s Simply Safe and Suitable template FCP (version S39-00004).  It is my latest course covering the changes made under the latest version of the MPI Simply Safe and Suitable template FCP.

The manager/person responsible in your food business needs to ensure that all staff and visitors know what to do to meet the relevant requirements in your plan for:

1. Health and hygiene;
2. Dealing with high risk foods that could make people sick;
3. Cleaning and Sanitising;
4. Safely sourcing and receiving food;
5. Keeping foods separate in the food preparation area (including, managing allergens, keeping raw/uncooked food away from cooked food, and managing chemicals and poisons);
6. Other procedures which are specific to your food business;
7. Managing customer complaints;
8. What to do when something goes wrong;
9. Managing food recalls.

The list of required training does not follow the same order in the template and so I have focussed on the template contents itself as this will help the student understand the template and in particular how they can then learn any specialised procedures that are specific to their food business. 

The course also includes introductory lessons on the origins of how the new food laws were developed, an introduction to essential food safety principles.

 After the template sections there are a series of three lessons looking at the most common/problematic bugs that can cause food illnesses.  

There is a section focussed on managing risks including the MPI simulated recall guidance, and the need to keep records.

Finally there is a revision lesson and take home message.

Note that this is a very comprehensive course and you do need to allow plenty of time to go through it to and get your certificate at the end.

Download PDF Course Syllabus

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