“The Key to Success”

Thank You and Welcome!

If you have enrolled, I really want to thank you so much for taking this SafeFoodHandler course.

Also, if you are just ‘looking’ welcome.

The fact that you care is really important!

In this free introduction I will explain the changes to food laws in New Zealand and how you can achieve the legal requirement to provide “Safe and Suitable Food”.

The main food laws in New Zealand are the Food Act 2014 and the Food Regulations 2015.

These food laws place the responsibility onto businesses to produce safe and suitable food.

This responsibility is supported through the use of Food Control Plans and National Programmes.

SafeFoodHandler will help you quickly get used to the principles and practices that you will need to apply as part of your job as a food handler or indeed as a general ‘life skill’.

The aim of SafeFoodHandler is to make sure that people, who eat food that has been prepared, handled or served by you, only receive safe and suitable food.

By completing this course, you will show you have a positive attitude towards the important principles of safe food handling and your customers will feel more confident about buying and eating food produced or served by you.

There are thousands of businesses in New Zealand where prepared food is sold directly to the public and/or that produce food for sale by wholesale.

Clearly it’s an impossible task for food safety officers and/or verifiers to continually check every chicken cooked, every hand washing, every refrigerator temperature etc.

For this reason, this course has given priority to the task of getting the people who work in food businesses to take on the responsibility themselves of preparing food safely.

We all are food customers, whether it’s buying food from our local supermarket or dairy, a quick drink or snack from a cafe, or having a lavish meal at a top-rated restaurant.

So, it’s important we all do the right thing when involved in the front-line of food service to make sure we all can buy and enjoy food that is safe and suitable.

“We are all in this together.”

This ….

Not this!!!

The ‘Key to Success’

I have put a huge amount of effort into this course to make it as easy and effective as possible for you to know all about food safety..

But food safety involves knowing and doing.

You have to know what makes food safe or unsafe, and even more importantly commit to ensuring that you only provide safe and suitable food to your customers.

It is this combination of knowledge and commitment on your part that will encourage you to ‘Walk the Talk” and indeed be a ‘Safe Food Handler’