Multiple Enrollments

For those businesses/activities that require to enroll more than one person as a bulk package an effective option is the use of vouchers.
Vouchers enable direct access to the course that the voucher relates to enabling simple and immediate enrollment in the course without any further payment.
To proceed with on-line payment for multiple trainees click on one of the buttons below the course wish to enroll for.
You will be able to pay by credit card or on-line banking (select ‘Card’ or ‘Bank’).
Credit card payments are made through ‘Stripe’ 
Just select the number of persons (Qty), you wish to enroll (note on smart-phones click ‘Details’ to show Qty tab).

Important notes

Unused voucher codes expire after 3 months.
Persons enrolled then have 4 weeks to complete the course.
Copies of correspondence and certificates will be sent to the email used to pay for the multiple voucher, so supervisors/owners can keep track of how their staff training is going.

Courses Available

How to Use Your Voucher Code

Your voucher code to start training will be emailed to you as soon as payment is received.
The voucher code will be unique and can be used to enroll as many trainees as you have paid for.
Once you have your voucher code here is how each person issued with a voucher proceeds:

First Time Users:

1. Go to the register voucher page:
2. Complete the registration details (note after registering students use the link to “My Training – Sign In/Out” – see below).
3. Put an email address in and a password (the email must be unique to each student).
4. Put the first and last name in (note make sure spelling is correct as this is with name that appears on the certificate).
5. Put the Voucher Code that will have been provided.
6. Click ‘Register’.

Returning Users:
(when they have another voucher code to use)

1.Returning students do not go through the registering process again (if they try they will get an error message).
2. All that is needed is, from the top menu, open up the dashboard page “My Training – Sign In/Out“).
3. If necessary log back in (login).
4. Then click the “redeem voucher” option and they will be automatically enrolled on the course that the voucher code relates to.

Notes on emails:

If a student has no email, they can quickly create one using Gmail for example or if they want to remain ‘anonymous’ they can use a ‘made up one’.  
For example they could use their but they will not get automated emails and if they forget their password they will need to contact me to reset it.

Contact me if you have any problems: