Course Summary

  • Enrolment fee is just $30.00
  • Course covers General Food Safety Training
  • Course level is set at intermediate/advanced level
  • There is no time limit on the quizzes and you make as many attempts as you need to pass
  • Now you could complete this course in under 3 hours but unless your a ‘super-hero’ you will find you learn more by taking your time
  • Once you have passed you will be able to access your training certificate from ‘My Training – Sign In/Out

This course is an updated and revamped version of my Original SafeFoodHanndler Programme

This course is suitable for all types of food activities including those in the higher risk food sectors such as those registered food businesses using Food Control Plans (both custom and templated) and also higher risk activities of National Programme Levels 3 and 2, as their risk-based measures..

Examples of food businesses using Custom Food Control Plans are those that cannot fit within the pre-evaluated templated Food Control Plan framework such as wholesale food producers, including food factories, specialist food manufacturers and national or international food businesses with premises located in multiple areas of New Zealand that want their own bespoke template for their food businesses.

Examples of those using the pre-evaluated templated Food Control Plan (aka ‘Simply Safe and Suitable’) are restaurants, cafes and takeaways; butchers, delicatessens, fish retailers, bakeries and food staff in care homes/rest homes.  

Also for lower risk food sector activities the course is ideal for those in a management or supervisory role.

This course will provide students/staff with a comprehensive theoretical training in Food Safety and Suitability.

It also reflects and supports the risk management focus on food safety as legally required in the Food Act 2014 and Food Regulations 2015.

This is critically important as the Food Act 2014 states that one of its main purposes is to achieve the safety and suitability of food for sale and the way this is achieved is based on the risk management principles of HACCP.

This course really goes a long way to help food businesses and their staff to achieve this fundamental legal purpose.

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