SafeFoodHandler Programme

Why I am no longer taking enrolments for this course

As a natural aging process my health status is declining, therefore I cannot guarantee that I will be able to manually process submitted check sheets looking towards the future.

Whilst you may continue using the Original SafeFoodHandler programme training system I am looking to gradually phase out its use over the coming months.

Note this training does not require any marking by me as it is done automatically using the training programme software and is available for all incompleted enrolments from my original course.

The training includes much the same content but is delivered in 20 easy lessons.

Although this course is no longer available
You can still use it for existing enrolments

Run on a 'not-for-profit' basis to be affordable, effective, accessible, on-line and user-friendly

Focussed to be fully compliant with New Zealand's food laws and food standards

Respect the food, your customers and yourself and be confident that you provide safe and suitable food

Keep your verifier (and your boss) happy, but most of all feel the pride of achievement you have earned

Please check out my other courses
If you have any questions or want to know more
Note Environmental Outcomes is no longer registered for GST purposes